CIA Contractors EXPOSED – No Mention!

( – The involvement of at least 51 CIA contractors in censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop saga and calling it “Russian misinformation” has raised questions about whether the top intelligence agency of the nation intentionally orchestrated a plot to save Bidens from humiliation ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.

When the content of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop came into the spotlight, almost every top media organization and social media outlet started labeling it as “Russian misinformation.”

The CIA also played its part in fueling this narrative, and its 51 contractors signed a statement that claimed that Hunter’s laptop leak story had all the ingredients that could make it a “Russian disinformation.”

Former CIA director Michael Morell, who colluded with the then-CIA chief in writing the letter, has already claimed that he wanted to give a “talking point” to Biden ahead of the 2020 presidential debate as former President Donald Trump was likely to attack him on the issue.

Biden eventually referred to the letter in the final presidential debate just before the elections and stated that more than 50 CIA officials and chiefs dismissed the allegations against his son.

House Republicans are now calling those CIA contractors “Spies Who Lie” and claiming that some of them were actively working with the CIA when they signed the letter, even though the letter mentioned that all of them were former officeholders in the agency.

One CIA official slammed Senior Intelligence Officer Marc Polymeropoulos for signing the letter and accused him of possibly leaking the classified information in his pursuit to promote Biden’s presidential ticket.

It is also widely believed that this letter, along with media rhetoric, helped Biden secure the White House in a tightly contested election. According to a 2022 poll, almost 71% of Americans believed that transparent reporting of Hunter Biden’s laptop issue could have changed the outcome of the elections.

Other than the CIA, many FBI officials also warned social media companies that Hunter’s laptop leak was nothing more than Russian attempts to influence the presidential race.

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