Colorado Town Votes Unanimously to Stay Non-Sanctuary City

( – The town council of Monument, Colorado unanimously voted for a resolution to declare the town a “non-sanctuary city” on Tuesday, February 20th in an attempt to encourage dialogue between local and federal authorities to “address immigration concerns.”

The town council took action to affirm their status as a non-sanctuary city shortly after Mike Johnston, the Democratic mayor of Denver, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press Now to report that his city is about to hit the “breaking point” at which they can no longer support any more illegal migrants. The mayor of Monument, Mitch LaKind, said the town council felt it was an important step to let Johnston and the city of Denver know that they won’t be “accepting any busloads of migrants” when Denver runs out of space and resources to support the influx of migrants. LaKind declared that if illegal immigrants who can’t find space in Denver try to relocate to Monument, local authorities will have them “transported elsewhere.”

LaKind made an appearance on Fox News to say that his rural municipality doesn’t have room for illegal immigrants. The town also lacks the budget that a major city like Denver has, and they refuse to use taxpayer money to support people who aren’t even citizens. He also highlighted that El Paso County, Keensburg, and Colorado Springs are in agreement that they will not be taking any actions that encourage or promote illegal immigration. The mayor used his appearance on Fox to remind the nation that President Joe Biden has the power to shut down the border to stem the tide of migrants entering the country illegally, but he has “chosen not to” use it.

While remaining firm that the town of Monument would not be doing anything to specifically welcome illegal immigrants, he made the point of noting that it is not illegal to speak Spanish in this country and local authorities will not be using “Gestapo tactics” to hunt down people to verify that they are here legally.

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