Dem Challenger Marty Dolan Blasts AOC’s Radical Record

( – Famous Democrat “Squad” member, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is being challenged in the upcoming primary by a fellow Democrat who isn’t holding back on attacking the progressive Representative.

Marty Dolan, a 66-year-old investment banker who has worked for companies such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and Lehman Brothers, describes himself as a progressive but not a “radical,” suggesting that most voters have had “enough of radicalism.”

Dolan suggested that while AOC frequently touted her ties to the community early on in her career, he calls her “absent” ever since she got elected, claiming that her focus is on making herself more famous, such as her attendance at the Met Gala wearing her infamous “Tax the Rich” dress.

Though Dolan invited AOC to debate him, she declined to reply to an official invitation from his campaign, telling the Bronx Times that she wouldn’t “dignify” him by agreeing to debate him, which Dolan said was an “insult to voters.” However, when USA Today reached out to AOC’s campaign, they declined to comment further.

The Wall Street investment banker was recently endorsed by the Job Creators Network, a conservative Texas-based business advocacy group. They spent $100,000 on promoting Dolan, including a billboard in Times Square, calling AOC a “threat to…small businesses.” AOC seemed unfazed by the billboard, as Manhattan, where Times Square is located, is not even within her congressional bounds.

Alfredo Ortiz, the CEO of the Job Creators Network, called Dolan a “voice of moderation” that will help support working families and small businesses as well as reverse the damage caused by AOC’s policies. Their endorsement of Dolan is the group’s first endorsement of a Democrat.

Despite the boost of support from the Job Creators Network, AOC is still raising significantly more money than Dolan, as federal filings indicate that she has raised nearly $8 million for her reelection campaign while Dolan has not yet reached $100,000 in donations to his campaign.

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