Ehud Barak Calls For Multinational Arab Force To Police Hamas

( – Former prime minister of Israel Ehud Barak called for a multinational Arab force to regain control of Gaza after Israel’s military campaign. As a prior chief of the Israel Defense Forces, Barak would go on to predict that it would take months or even a year to wholly eradicate Hamas.

With civilian casualties on the rise in Gaza and the hostage toll looming over 200, Western nations are notably withdrawing emphatic support for Israel. As Pro-Palestinian rallies become more common in the West, extreme public outcry maintains control of the proverbial wheel, rather than government leadership.

Based on closed-door conversations, Barak predicted that Israel will lose public opinion in Europe and their subsequent governments in a week or two afterward, with America soon to follow.

However, with President Biden urging Netanyahu to exercise humanitarian pause on Monday, such loss may be more imminent than once thought. When asked for his response to the idea of such a pause, Netanyahu retorted that “the president himself has said that a cease-fire would be a surrender to Hamas.”

Although Biden seems intent to pause counteroffensive strikes, his Republican counterparts in the House of Representatives are not keen to agree. Last week, the House passed a bill providing emergency aid to Israel, and, when expedited to the Senate, it was met with backlash.

The bill, which would provide $14.3 billion for Israel, cuts an equal amount from the IRS budget, and faced scrutiny from Senate Democrats who blocked the bill. Democrats claimed that House Republicans were playing politics and, rather than uniting to formulate bipartisan legislation, put off funding. According to the Senate Majority, there can be no funding for Israel without more funding for Ukraine.

As civilian response in the West becomes more untenable, Israel’s actions appear to trend independently. Whether or not America and Europe intend to get on board, Israel is still answering to their ultimate priority: their own preservation.

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