Ex-Stripper Details Invasion of Privacy After Hidden Biden Pregnancy

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Lunden Roberts, the mother of one of Hunter Biden’s daughters, said in an interview on Friday, June 7, that her cellphones crashed and her iCloud data was deleted the night she learned she was pregnant with Hunter Biden’s child.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on her podcast on Sirius XM, Roberts explained that she had two cellphones because she was living between two different parts of the country and didn’t get data in both locations. She stated that both of her phones stopped working at the same time, with the screens going black with multiple lines of different colors across them. Roberts said she had to replace both phones the next day, and when she was trying to access her backed up iCloud data, “just about everything” involving the president’s son was missing.

When asked, Roberts said she “can’t explain” what exactly happened to her phones that night. Kelly suggested that “government forces” were potentially trying to protect Hunter Biden, to which Roberts replied that she would “always wonder” about that, but the possibility was in the back of her mind.

Roberts’s child, Navy Joan, was born in August 2018, following an affair between Roberts and Hunter Biden that allegedly lasted for over a year. Hunter Biden was also conducting an affair with his deceased brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, at the same time as his relationship with Roberts and his divorce from his first wife, Kathleen.

After Navy was born, Hunter Biden denied he was her father until a paternity test proved it. Despite the positive paternity test, President Joe Biden refused to acknowledge Navy as his granddaughter until July 2023. Despite this, President Biden regularly omits her existence, such as during his March 2024 speech during Women’s History Month where he mentions his “four granddaughters.” No one in the Biden family, including Hunter, has ever met Navy in person, according to Roberts.

Roberts’ book about her experiences with Hunter Biden, “Out of the Shadows,” will be released in August.

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