Federal Judge Rules Biden Can’t Divert Border Wall Funds

(ConservativeInsider.org) – President Joe Biden’s plans to redirect money allocated for building the border wall to use on other projects was shot down by a federal judge on Friday, March 8th.

When Congress wrote their spending bills for 2020 and 2021, lawmakers allocated approximately $1.4 billion per year to spend on building a wall alongside the southern border with Mexico. Biden tried to spend some of that money on various “remediation projects,” arguing that they were “ancillary” to the wall.

Federal Judge Drew B. Tipton issued a judgement against the Biden administration, saying that Congress was very specific about what the funding was meant to go to, and Biden was using it for other purposes. The language used in the budget bill was that the funding was meant to go to “construction of [a] barrier system,” which Biden did not use the funding for.

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, who was one of the plaintiffs in the case, was in favor of the judge’s ruling, saying that Biden acted “improperly” by attempting to redirect those funds in an attempt to avoid building more border wall. Paxton added that though the Biden administration is desperate for open borders, the state of Texas prevailed in their lawsuit against the administration.

In order to win the lawsuit against the Biden administration, the state of Texas had to demonstrate that Biden’s refusal to spend more money on border wall construction would “incur unrecoverable costs” and that building more of the border wall would allow fewer illegal immigrants into the country. Judge Tipton, who was appointed by President Trump but has ruled in favor of President Biden in other cases, said Texas was able to establish those facts by showing how much money they have spent on giving driver’s licenses, education, and healthcare to a “rising number of illegal aliens.”

While Biden has been against the border wall since he took office in 2021, during his time in the Senate during the Bush administration and as Vice President to Obama, he supported building a wall.

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