Former Disgraced Mayor Challenging GOP Incumbent’s House Seat

( – Five years after a political scandal that led to criminal charges ended her tenure as mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry has announced she’s running for Representative in Tennessee. Barry, the first female mayor of Nashville, advocated for a socially progressive agenda during her time in office.

While announcing her candidacy, Barry explained the reasons why she wants to run for Congress. She brought up a rise in school shootings (one of which occurred in Nashville earlier this year), the abortion ban in Tennessee, the closing of many hospitals in rural areas, as well as the opioid epidemic. The opioid epidemic is personal to Barry, as her 22-year-old son died of a drug overdose in 2017, and she believes the epidemic has only gotten worse since her son’s death.

In 2018, Barry resigned from her position after being charged with felony theft in relation to a years-long affair with one of her bodyguards. She pleaded guilty to the charges and accepted a deal that gave her three years of probation and agreed to pay the city back $11,000 for her unlawful expenses. The charges were expunged from Barry’s record after her probation was completed and she paid back the money.

In her announcement, Barry acknowledged her “mistakes” but said someone’s worst moments aren’t what defines them, what defines them are how they act after they make a mistake. She shared her belief that people appreciate when someone admits they were in the wrong and are doing their best to make amends, as well as her hope that she will be able to regain the trust of the people of Nashville.

The Congressional area that Barry is hoping to represent was redistricted last year by Republicans, leading many to believe the Democratic candidate faces an uphill battle in this campaign. The incumbent in that district, Republican Mark Green, won his last election by 22 points over his Democratic challenger. He is currently in his third term in Congress.

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