GOP Rep Upset Over Losing Prestigious Military Award Pin

( – A Republican representative from Texas is looking for answers about why a military award pin that he previously wore has been revoked, suggesting fellow GOP colleagues are behind a smear campaign.

Rep. Troy Nehls served in the Army Reserve for over 20 years and was deployed to Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In light of his service, he wears a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) that he was given in October 2008 on the lapel of his suit jacket. However, an investigation revealed that his right to wear the pin was revoked in March 2023 because the badge is only meant for Special Forces or infantrymen who were engaged in active combat, while Nehls served as a civil affairs officer, and thus was awarded to Nehls as a mistake.

Nehls sent letters to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command in both late May and mid-June, letting them know that he disagreed with their decision to remove his pin and wanted answers as to why it occurred. In his letter, he said he believes it is a “concerted effort” to discredit his service both in the military and as a congressman. He added that Army officials should “get it right” and adjust his military service record.

Speaking to reporters, Nehls said on Tuesday, June 11 that he believes he is being targeted for his support of former President Donald Trump, suggesting it only happened because he is “Mr. MAGA guy.” Some media outlets published reports indicating that Nehls had only earned one Bronze Star medal during his time in the service, and Nehls pushed back on those claims by sharing a photo on social media of the medals and their paperwork.

Several Republicans and veterans spoke up to criticize Nehls. Rep. Wesley Hunt, also from Texas and who wears the Combat Action Badge, accused Nehls of “stolen valor.” Retired Navy SEAL and Republican from Montana, Rep. Ryan Zinke, said if he didn’t earn the combat infantry badge, he “shouldn’t wear it.”

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