How to Know What the Candidates Stand For

How to Know What the Candidates Stand For

( – We often hear how important it is to make the effort to vote. Democracy is a privilege many countries don’t have, so we must all do our duty to uphold it by participating in the voting process. This is something most of us learn in middle school; however, lessons about the importance of doing proper research into candidates are less common. In the modern age, when impartial media content is becoming rarer all the time, it can be very difficult to build an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a given electoral candidate.

The Presidential Race in 2020

Since Joe Biden’s official nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate, the race for the White House has begun. Between now and the day of the election, there will be no shortage of debate and analysis around the two candidates. As a voter, you’ll have to make a conscious effort to ensure you’re getting the facts about both nominees. Look to a variety of sources for your news and scrutinize the content put out by both campaign teams to see what their intentions are for the country.

Congressional, State and Local Elections

It’s also important to remember that there is more to our political system than the office of the president. Every American also has the right to vote for their state governor, representatives in the Senate and Congress, attorney general, judges, and county and city officials. You should always consider the nature of the office in question when you’re voting; if you’re deciding who to elect as a judge, for example, you should pay special attention to their legal experience. In all cases, voter guides and sample ballots can help you make an informed decision.

Democracy is one of the cornerstones of the American Dream, as it ensures we will never be subjugated by tyranny. However, unless we consider our votes carefully, much of the benefit of this system is wasted. There are plenty of political candidates with questionable backgrounds and inconsistent philosophies; when the average citizen doesn’t perform their due diligence at election time, these candidates stand a much better chance of winning a public office.

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