Hunter Biden’s Wife Gets Into Heated Spat With Ex-Trump Aide

( – Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen-Biden, confronted an ex-aide to former President Donald Trump at her husband’s ongoing trial for possessing a gun after lying on a federal form that he was not addicted to any illegal substances in 2018.

Cohen-Biden approached Garrett Ziegler, who worked as an aide in the Trump White House, during a break in her husband’s gun possession trial. In a hallway outside the courtroom, Cohen-Biden pointed a finger at Ziegler, and loudly stated that Trump’s former aide didn’t have the right to attend the trial before calling him a “Nazi piece of s***.” After her outburst, she went back into the courtroom to sit next to First Lady Jill Biden.

Ziegler apparently did not respond to Cohen-Biden’s attack at the time, but he did confirm that Cohen-Biden did verbally attack him. He called her outburst “sad,” stating that he hasn’t approached anyone during the trial. Ziegler also added that he is not a Nazi, but he does believe in the Constitution.

When speaking to reporters after the trial ended for the day, Cohen-Biden claimed that Ziegler called her “horrific Jewish slurs,” asking out loud why Ziegler never used such slurs on Trump’s son-in-law, who is also Jewish. Ziegler denied her claims, calling her accusations “preposterous” and “made up.”

Hunter Biden is currently in litigation against Ziegler for his role in publishing the photos and emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was left at a computer repair store in Delaware in 2020. Ziegler has previously admitted to the media that he is “obsessed” with “studying the [Biden] family,” publishing numerous details about Hunter Biden that he views as incriminating or embarrassing, including photos, videos, and emails that were allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter Biden has accused Ziegler and others breaking federal data access laws to obtain the files from his laptop. Ziegler has called the lawsuit against him “completely frivolous.”

Hunter Biden is the first child of an incumbent president to be tried for criminal charges.

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