ICE Grapples With Finding Paroled Migrants

( – Border enforcement authorities are struggling to find illegal immigrants released into the United States under President Joe Biden’s generous parole program that allowed thousands of illegal aliens to live in the United States without any oversight.

Government data shows that almost 99.5% of the 2,572 illegal immigrants released into the country on parole have not reported back to border enforcement.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) even failed to send court summon notices to at least 340 such immigrants, which could give them a legal justification to live in the US. The last time ICE reported to the immigration court in May, only one immigrant was in their custody while 14 were either dead or deported.

Former immigration judge Andrew Arthur slammed the Biden administration for this failure. He praised the current immigration judge, T. Kent Wetherell II, who stopped the Biden administration from releasing immigrants on the parole program, but the government did not follow his orders.

At the time of their release, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered the illegal immigrants to check in with the agency within 60 days of their release; this check-in would trigger the start of deportation proceedings. However, the DHS did not hear back from most immigrants.

The failure to deport the paroled individuals only shows the tip of the iceberg. ICE is grappling with a severe backlog, with almost 7 million cases pending. When former president Donald Trump left office, this backlog was standing at 3.3 million, which shows that the cases have more than doubled in the three and a half years of the Biden administration.

Republican lawmakers consistently asked the president to tighten the border security situation in order to curb illegal immigration. While Biden largely refused to do anything in the first three years, he has now signed an executive order that would limit the admission of illegal immigrants. Critics believe that this is just a political stunt as Biden desperately wants to improve his standing among moderate voters.

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