Illegal Evaded ICE Before Fatal Stabbing

( – An illegal immigrant who failed to appear for his scheduled court hearing killed a man who was dating a woman he liked.

When Pablo Jose Gutierrez-Morales entered the United States illegally in 2022, authorities placed him in a program that tracked his location until he was removed from it.

He is now allegedly involved in the stabbing of Santiago Jacobo, a 37-year-old man from California, who was found dead in February of this year.

Law enforcement investigated the murder for three months and arrested three individuals: Gutierrez-Morales, Jasmine Ruiz, and Vanessa Vera-Aguilar. Jacobo was dating Vera-Aguilar but Gutierrez-Morales and Vera-Aguilar reportedly liked each other which urged them to orchestrate the plot.

Investigations suggest that everyone involved in the tragic incident knew each other, as all four individuals had worked together. On the fateful day, the suspects killed Jacobo when he was returning from his job.

According to the ICE’s spokesman, Gutierrez-Morales is an illegal immigrant from Nicaragua and was released on parole after his encounter with border officials in Texas.

He was present on the Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which was supervising his whereabouts and was ordered to report to the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Although his name was removed from the ATD when he reported to the ERO, he was still required to report to border authorities as per directives from an ICE official. However, he failed to appear for his scheduled appointment nearly a month before murdering Jacobo.

The ATD program has often come under intense scrutiny for allowing illegal immigrants to roam freely in the United States.

Although the program empowers authorities to track illegal immigrants using GPS, phone applications and other means, many illegal aliens manage to find a way to escape tracking and stop reporting to authorities.

The Biden administration has further weakened this program by increasing reliance on phone application tracking and reducing GPS tracking.

The controversial program is well-known for releasing individuals into the US who were later found involved in heinous crimes.

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