Johnson Names Trump Allies to Intelligence Committee

( – House Speaker Mike Johnson attracted bipartisan criticism for appointing two controversial Trump allies, Reps. Scott Perry and Ronny Jackson, to the all-important House Intelligence Committee, which was previously known to be controlled by senior or centrist bipartisan politicians.

Critics believe that the appointment of ultra-partisan lawmakers to the committee could enable them to selectively withhold critical intelligence information from Congress.

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger called the appointment “insane,” while Democratic lawmaker Mikie Sherrill stated that Donald Trump is pulling the strings of Johnson to further his MAGA agenda.

Sherrill stated that both the appointees were involved in making the 2020 elections controversial, which led to the January 6 chaos, adding that they will also destroy the Intelligence Committee.

Perry came into the spotlight after the 2020 elections when he grouped with 11 other conservative lawmakers and discussed strategies to reverse the results of states won by Biden.

The January 6 investigations also revealed that Perry was backing the idea of pushing a charged crowd towards Congress on the election certification day and was involved in Trump’s plan to replace Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark as an acting attorney general to get favorable outcomes of the 2020 election fraud cases.

On the other hand, Jackson has previously served as Trump’s physician. While the former president also nominated him for the secretary of veterans affairs role, he got demoted by the Navy due to his misconduct on the job.

When he won his House elections with the backing of Trump, Jackson came under intense scrutiny for using donations to fund the expenditures of a private dining club for family use.

Meanwhile, Perry thanked Johnson for the nomination and promised to work hard to bring a new perspective to the committee. He stated that he is willing to use the office to serve Americans in a real way instead of other intelligence community members who spied on Americans and abused their authority for political purposes.

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