Michelle Obama Rejects Notion She’s Running for President

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As President Joe Biden’s popularity continues to plummet, Democrats are looking to another possible candidate to run in November. However, former First Lady Michelle Obama has made clear that she won’t be running.

A recent Rasmussen survey released on Monday, February 26th found that 48% of Democratic voters were in favor of replacing Biden with another candidate before the November election, and 47% believe it’s “likely” that the DNC will find another candidate to replace Biden before the election. Among those, 22% think it is “very likely” that Biden will be replaced. However, 45% of Democratic voters surveyed don’t believe Democrats will find someone to take Biden’s place and he will remain the candidate in November.

Of the surveyed Democratic voters, 20% chose Michelle Obama as their top choice for replacing Biden. In second place was Vice President Kamala Harris with 15%, followed by 12% who believed the candidate should be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost the election against Trump in 2016. Finally, 11% of surveyed voters supported California Governor Gavin Newsom as a potential Biden replacement.

Michelle Obama has repeatedly made it clear that she does not harbor political aspirations for herself. In 2019, while speaking to “The National,” a magazine put out by Amtrak, she said there’s “zero chance” of her running for office, saying she believes there are other ways to improve America, which is where she’s focusing her energy.

However, amidst the chatter that voters want her to replace Biden, Michelle Obama’s director of communications, Crystal Carson, reiterated that the former First Lady will not be running for any political office, president or otherwise. Carson also added that Ms. Obama supports President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Michelle Obama has kept herself busy since her husband left office, including releasing a memoir that became the best-selling book of 2018. She also helped launch a non-profit called When We All Vote along with several famous friends, including Tom Hanks, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Janelle Monáe.

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