New House GOP Bill Targets Medical Schools with DEI, Race-Based Policies

( – Reps. Greg Murphy of North Carolina and Brad Wenstrup of Ohio have jointly introduced the EDUCATE Act, a legislative proposal to halt federal funding for medical schools implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. 

The bill seeks to stop federal funding, including student loans, for medical schools and accrediting institutions that adopt DEI practices and race-based requirements.

Wenstrup’s office issued a press release announcing that the legislators would convene a press conference to discuss the proposed legislation. Scheduled speakers for the event include Tabia Lee, former head of DEI at De Anza College and an executive member of Free Black Thought, and Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, President of Do No Harm.

In a statement obtained by Fox News Digital, Rep. Murphy emphasized the importance of maintaining colorblind admissions processes in medical schools. He argued that while diversity enhances the field of medicine, achieving it through exclusionary practices undermines the profession’s fundamental values of service and excellence. 

Murphy, a practicing podiatrist for over two decades, underscored the necessity of upholding the quality of medical education without succumbing to prejudice or divisive ideology.

If passed, the bill aims to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965, barring medical school graduates from receiving federal financial aid if their institutions mandate DEI principles or force students, faculty, or staff to adopt them. Such principles include treating individuals as oppressed or oppressors based on religion, ethnicity, national origin, race, and sex, as well as assigning collective guilt for actions committed by others of the same demographics.

Additionally, medical schools could face disqualification from federal funding if they teach that America is systemically racist or oppressive. The proposed legislation follows a widely circulated video featuring Elon Musk and Don Lemon discussing the potential risks of DEI practices in “lowering medical standards.” The Tesla boss argued that lowering standards could lead to increased medical errors, while Lemon countered, stating there was no evidence to support such claims.

Meanwhile, Data from the watchdog group reveals that at least 70% of accredited U.S. medical schools offer CRT-based training. Lemon dismissed claims that DEI policies endanger patients, labeling them as speculative.

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