Our Frightening Reliance on China

Our Frightening Reliance on China

(ConservativeInsider.org) – American consumers understand much of what they buy carries a “made in China” label. But many would be shocked at just how much they’ve become dependent upon the Communist country and for which products.

It’s pretty definitive that the coronavirus pandemic that’s gripped the world by the throat has come either from the BioLab or wet meat market in Wuhan, China. That, along with several shady actions from the country, has caused many to wonder just how beholden the United States is to China.


As America ages, illnesses like osteoarthritis and diabetes among others are on the rise. This means an increasing number of people will be looking to drugs to maintain their quality of life. The industry’s reliance on China and India is chilling for those who need the medicine.

It’s estimated that 80% of the active ingredients used for the manufacture of increasingly complex drugs come from these two countries. Perhaps even more concerning, is the fact that those two nations also have a massive share of generic drugs, which account for 90% of the prescriptions dispensed in America.

Consumer Goods

Many people in the US shop regularly at Walmart, to one extent or another, and the company relies heavily upon China to stock its shelves. Some reports show between 70 to 80% of the products one sees when they enter the store are made there and not in America.

So many things that people rely on every day such as smartphones, computers, solar chargers, and other high-tech equipment rely on rare earth metals (or minerals) to operate. The Asian country dominates this field with approximately 80% of all production, which is concerning, even though there hasn’t been an issue — yet.

Recently, many Americans are reporting they’ve received packets of seeds from China that they never requested. These include supposed flowering plants, herbs like mint, and others. The USDA along with several individual states has warned people not to plant them because there’s no way to know if they’re as benign as they seem or if they’re harmful, invasive species. This has led some to wonder if it’s some kind of ecological warfare.

The reality is, there are nations like China, Russia, and Iran, to name a few, that actively work to see the US relegated to the midden heap of history. How the country became so intertwined to another whose Communist leadership detests us so much is a question for future historians. But, the immediate issue is how to untangle the USA from the web, without disrupting the economy any more than all the lockdowns have done.

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