Pentagon Considers Allowing US Contractors Into Ukraine

( – The US Department of Defense is considering a proposal to lift a long-standing ban on American military contractors that would allow them to go to the war-torn country of Ukraine and take part in the maintenance and repair of the American weaponry used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Without the presence of US military contractors, Ukraine has to send the US war machinery abroad, mostly to NATO countries, for maintenance, which is a massive logistic and financial issue.

The US military also participates in the maintenance process by video calls, but this process has its own disadvantages as maintenance is mostly a practical process and requires the presence of forces on the ground.

Once Ukraine gets hold of the American F16 fighter jets later this year, it would frequently require advanced and urgent maintenance, and Ukraine would not be able to provide it on its own.

The policy is still in the development phase and will reach the White House soon for Biden’s approval. President Biden is likely to approve the measure due to his consistent efforts to back Ukraine and send hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid. Should this happen, the tensions between the US and Russia are likely to escalate further. Moscow has already promised to redefine its war strategy after the US allowed Ukraine to use its weapons against Russia.

Since the start of the war, the US government has consistently advised Americans against traveling to Ukraine.

However, there are some instances where the poor choices of the Biden administration have endangered the lives of Americans directly. Recently, the US government advised Americans with dual nationality of Ukraine not to travel to the war-torn nation as Ukraine does not recognize dual nationality, and its new mobilization law banned every man between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. The Biden administration refused to come to the rescue of the Americans who are stuck in Ukraine after this controversial policy.

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