Police Catch Suspect Who Planned a School Shooting for His Birthday

(ConservativeInsider.org) – A South Florida man was pulled over for having a broken headlight, but what the officers found within the car resulted in an arrest. The 19-year-old man had handwritten plans in the vehicle outlining his plan to “kill everyone” in 2026 when he turns 22. Further investigation into his phone and accounts showed research and further plans for destruction. He had a stolen 9MM handgun on his person as well.

His family has asked for assistance as he has a history of uncontrolled mental illness. His mother has commented that he is a “good kid,” and despite the evidence, she doesn’t think he would have completed his plan. He is being held for mental health care and on a $1 million bond.

Following the devastating 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, there has been bi-partisan work to restrict people under the age of 21 from buying or owning an AR-15-style rifle. This law, in addition to others, gives officers more power in the seizure of weapons as well as further “red-flag orders” that are too often overlooked.

This law, which passed the hurdles in Florida, is now being reviewed by the Federal appeals court as some people, nor the NRA, don’t consider it constitutional or appropriate. Representative Christine Hunschofsky, a Democrat who was mayor of Parkland at the time of the shooting, contends that the law works, as evidenced by the fact that no other mass shootings have been wielded by a minor since the law was enacted.

The hard work of the officers in question may have prevented death and destruction in 2026. The man in question may have acted immediately if he had been able to buy the automatic long rifle before the age of 21. The school targeted has not released a statement, and the man will attend sentencing in November 2023.

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