Republicans Poised To Flip Texas Judge Seat

Republicans Poised To Flip Texas Judge Seat

( – A Democratic judge in Texas has announced that he is stepping down from his position after a decade in the role, and no Democrat has stepped up to run for the seat, meaning the seat will inevitably be occupied by a Republican for the first time since 2013.

Judge Roy Ferguson recently announced that he would not be seeking a fourth term in office. However, no other Democrats filed to run for the position, and the deadline to file for the March primary has already passed. Ferguson was elected in 2012, winning over 70% of the vote, and was re-elected three times. He was the judge over the top trial court in southwest Texas. He described his time as a judge as “the greatest honor of [his] career.”

Two Republicans filed to run in the primary, Bill Parham, a state prosecutor, and Monty Kimball, a private attorney. While they will have to face each other in the primary, whoever wins in March will be running unopposed in the general election in November. District court judges in Texas run for four-year terms.

The district that Ferguson presided over, the 394th District Court, is the largest judicial district in Texas and covers more than 20% of the border with Mexico. The area has become increasingly Republican-dominated in the last few years, with many attributing the change to the increasing influx of migrants at the border.

Ferguson went viral in 2021 after an attorney showed up at a Zoom hearing Ferguson was presiding over with a filter on his face, making him look like a cat. “I am not a cat,” the attorney stated, while Ferguson tried to explain to him how to turn off the cat filter. After Ferguson released a clip of the humorous interaction online, it garnered millions of views, and Ferguson became known as the “Lawyer Cat Judge,” a title he proudly added to his social media bio.

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