Russian-British TV Host Openly Calls For Killing Trump

( – BBC host David Aaronovitch urged President Joe Biden to “murder” former president Donald Trump after the recent Supreme Court verdict, according to which presidents are immune from criminal prosecution for actions taken during their official duties.

As Aaronovitch’s remarks sparked outrage, he has since deleted his social media post and blamed critics for not understanding his “satire.”

After the Supreme Court immunity verdict, Aaronovitch posted on X that Biden should “hurry” in killing the former president. However, these remarks did not sit well with critics, the majority of whom started adding community notes in the comment section.

In the next post, Aaronovitch wrote that his post had been misunderstood as political violence and that it was nothing but “plain satire.” He further noted that his post helped him recognize some of the “daftest” people on the social media platform, adding that the critics of his tweet belong to a specific “extraordinary sub-culture.”

Aaronovitch’s comments came at a time when the left is frequently blaming the right for political violence. When Trump called for a “bloodbath” for the auto manufacturing industry in case of his 2024 election loss, many top media outlets slammed him by quoting his comments out of context.

The Supreme Court ruling is a major setback for Democrats who have been waiting to prosecute the former president for the January 6 chaos and his alleged attempts to overturn the presidential elections.

Trump won the case by a 6-3 Supreme Court majority, where all three liberal judges dissented and criticized the verdict. According to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, this ruling will help future presidents breach the law, allowing them to kill their political rivals, orchestrate a military coup, or take bribes for granting presidential pardons. Sotomayor argued that the ruling has essentially made the president “king above the law,” who will not be prosecuted under any circumstances.

Another liberal justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, said that the ruling would break the core principles of the nation that kept this country away from “despotism” throughout history.

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