Seinfeld Pines For Return of Masculinity

( – Jerry Seinfeld, longtime stand-up comedian and creator of one of the most popular comedy shows of all time, “Seinfeld,” admitted he misses the “dominant masculinity” of the past during an appearance Bari Weiss’s podcast, “Honestly.”

Seinfeld appeared on the podcast to promote his new movie, “Unfrosted,” which takes place in the 1960’s. The comedian discussed how during that time period, there was an “agreed-upon hierarchy” that no longer exists in today’s climate. He explained that people act “crazy” now because the hierarchy no longer exists, which he believes humans are innately uncomfortable with.

The comedian brought up dominant male figures of the 1960’s to emphasize his point, including Sean Connery, President John F. Kennedy, and boxer Muhammad Ali, calling them “real men.” He expressed how young men used to look up to men like Connery and Ali and wanted to be like them, though young men don’t have many examples of that anymore. Seinfeld does point out that he never became a “real man” because he became a comedian, which is a more “childish pursuit,” though he does not appear to experience regret for his choice though he knows he never “grew up.”

When asked what a “real man” of today looks like, Seinfeld brought up Unfrosted co-star Hugh Grant, pointing out that Grant is charming and knows how to dress and talk, making him an ideal dinner party companion.

This is not the first time the comedian has criticized popular culture. In the past, Seinfeld has noted his disdain for “PC crap” and what he calls the “extreme” left, suggesting that they are destroying comedy.

Many on social media were quick to push back against the comedian’s comments, suggesting that a man who is not like the “real men” of the past shouldn’t make such comments. Reactions on social media were also mixed about Seinfeld’s love and support for Israel after the comedian said visiting Israel recently was one of the “most powerful” experiences of his life.

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