Top Republican Predicts Criminal Referrals Outcome in Biden Inquiry

( – The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, is pressing forward with its corruption-focused impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, with Comer predicting that criminal referrals are imminent.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Comer stated that the investigation would continue, even as Hunter Biden, the president’s son, declined to participate further following a private deposition last month. Comer emphasized the seriousness of the inquiry, highlighting discrepancies in testimonies from witnesses regarding alleged influence-peddling schemes involving the Biden family.

Comer stated that the committee is now making criminal referrals, indicating multiple referrals to come, although he did not provide specific details regarding the number of recipients. He mentioned challenges encountered during the committee’s investigation, attributing them to significant obstruction from the White House and Biden’s legal team. Comer asserted that the committee had gathered substantial evidence of wrongdoing despite these obstacles.

Comer accused the Bidens of engaging in influence peddling, alleging they received payments from various countries during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president. He emphasized the need for accountability, asserting that the committee has demonstrated instances of criminal misconduct by multiple members of the Biden family.

Hunter Biden’s decision to skip a scheduled public hearing this week prompted Comer to warn of potential consequences for the Bidens. Comer expected that Hunter Biden would appear and address the discrepancies raised during the investigation. The committee has invited three other witnesses, including Hunter Biden’s former business associates, to testify at the hearing.

The investigation has drawn criticism from President Biden and his supporters, who have dismissed it as a “sham” inquiry lacking substance. However, Comer and other Republicans have continued to pursue the matter, alleging that the president and his son benefited financially from their overseas dealings.

The controversy surrounding the impeachment inquiry has escalated recently, with the White House urging House Speaker Mike Johnson to end the probe. Despite these calls, Comer remains steadfast in his pursuit of accountability, vowing to hold those involved in criminal wrongdoing to task.

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