Trade Group Attacks GOP Leader Over Media Bias Probe

( – A controversial trade group, which allegedly tried to demonetize top conservative media outlets, slammed Republican Congressman Jim Jordan for probing them.

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) is currently facing intense scrutiny over its actions of allegedly stopping companies from putting ads on some conservative networks, including Fox News, the Joe Rogan show, Breitbart, and the Daily Wire.

According to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, the group is involved in targeting conservative channels under the guise of combating “misinformation,” and that the group’s motive of “brand safety” often censors specific narratives.

Jordan started his investigation into the matter last year, and the founder of the group, Rob Rakowitz, was asked to testify before the Judiciary Committee.

GARM was established in 2019 to stop businesses from placing ads on harmful content. It has since attracted the attention of some top business brands worldwide, including X, Meta, Youtube, and Coca-Cola.

GARM insiders have a notion that corporations are jumping into partisan conflicts, which will destroy their reputation among customers.

The judiciary committee believes that GARM could possibly be breaching federal law by violating the Sherman Act.

The committee has also sent letters to multiple businesses to inquire about their communications with GARM so that they can unveil any operational discrepancy.

Meanwhile, GARM insiders know that their efforts can bring lawsuits from various industry groups, which will have negative consequences for them.

Some sources within the GARM also believe that they are being unfairly targeted, and these types of efforts intensify in an election year. They suggested that companies are always free to advertise on whichever platforms they want, and there is no law that prohibits them from monetizing any specific network.

This is not the first time that conservative media outlets have been allegedly censored. A couple of big conservative media channels and the state of Texas also sued the US State Department for promoting a technology that favors left-leaning news.

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