Trader Joe’s Issues Sixth Recall Since July, This Time for Tamales

( – Trader Joe’s has announced the sixth product recall since July, distressing loyal Trader Joe’s customers. The most recent recall is for black bean tamales that may contain an unspecified dairy allergen; no injuries are known. This appears to be a labeling issue and not a dire health concern for most people. Non-dairy tamales were filled with cheese and then incorrectly labeled as non-dairy. This is a proactive recall similar to the others: soup that may contain insects and cookies that may contain rocks.

Trader Joe’s notes that each recall is from a separate facility, and there is no relationship between the recalls; it’s coincidental. Trader Joe’s is known to work closely with manufacturers and will not hesitate to recall a product if there may be an issue.

This lapse in packaging oversight primarily affects stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Over the past two months, nearly all Trader Joe’s locations have been affected by a recall.

Trader Joe’s claims that their recall-related communications exceed the necessary protocol as they want open, proactive, and honest communication with their customers. By acting quickly and effectively, they hope to prevent any injuries from occurring as much as possible. People with food allergies are vulnerable and must rely upon accurate product labeling to ensure they are safe and healthy. People without food allergies, while perhaps less vulnerable to an allergic reaction, would still like to enjoy their soup without fear of breaking a tooth on a rock.

Trader Joe’s annual revenue is about $13 billion, and the company has approximately 50,000 employees. They hope their honest communication and proactive behavior will maintain customer loyalty and admiration. They advise that they always announce a recall if warranted, in their opinion. Even if there is another recall next week, they won’t be afraid to announce it for the safety of their customers.

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