Trump Doubles-Down On Restoring U.S. ‘Sovereign Borders’

( – Former President Donald Trump has once again reiterated his willingness to protect and restore the sovereign borders of America in the wake of illegal immigration that has broken all the records under President Biden.

During his recent rally in Wisconsin, Trump suggested that Biden is playing with fire in his pursuit to bring more illegal immigrants to the US and that these people are capturing most of the new jobs in the country.

The former president also noted that the senior citizens of the US are being deprived of their legal Medicaid and Social Security benefits due to the existing generous schemes for illegal immigrants.

Despite signing a recent executive order to limit the number of illegal immigrants entering the country daily, President Biden is under renewed criticism due to his mass amnesty plan for illegal aliens, which allows almost 500,000 such residents to get green cards after marrying a US citizen and living in the United States for more than ten years.

Similarly, nearly 50,000 illegal migrant children will also get green cards if their parents marry US citizens.

The White House also announced another controversial plan under which 550,000 immigrants of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be able to get US work visas.

However, there are growing concerns among conservative circles that these programs will allow illegal aliens to rob Americans of their jobs.

Trump also claimed that rising illegal immigration is the reason behind his increasing popularity among black and Hispanic voters, who, according to Trump, are losing their jobs to illegal aliens.

After winning the White House, Trump continued, he would not entertain human traffickers and child smugglers and would direct his resources to protect people who have the legal right to live in the United States.

Latest polling data shows that Trump is making significant inroads among black and Latino voters. He is enjoying the support of almost 32 % of Latinos compared to Biden’s 41%, while data on black voters is also equally impressive.

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