Trump Says He Intentionally Mixes Up Politicians’ Names

( – After making several errors of people’s names at rallies and events recently, former President Donald Trump claims his “mistakes” were intentional.

While President Joe Biden has been facing claims that his mental state and memory are declining due to his age, some of those criticisms have been levelled at Trump as well as of late. Last month, Trump stated that the current president was Barack Obama, who left office in 2017, while also seemingly confusing Nikki Haley, the only other Republican presidential candidate, with Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic former Speaker of the House.

Trump now claims that these were not gaffes, but intentional uses of sarcasm. Trump said that the reason why he suggested that Obama was still in the White House was due to the theory that Obama didn’t leave Washington, D.C. the way most former presidents do so he could continue to exert power over the executive branch from behind the scenes. Trump further claimed that he intentionally called his Republican rival, Nikki Haley, the name of the former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, saying that what they have in common is that “they both stink.”

Haley quickly called out Trump for his error, raising concerns about Trump’s mental acuity. Her campaign has recently been running on claims that neither Trump nor Biden are mentally capable of dealing with the pressures that come from holding the highest office in the land. She proposed cognitive testing for any candidate for president. Trump, however, claims he “aced” tests of mental fitness and said he feels more mentally sharp than he did “20 years ago.”

The issue seems to be affecting candidates on both sides of the aisle, as a recent report from the Department of Justice suggested that Biden, 81, has been suffering from lapses in his memory. The report from the Special Counsel indicated that Biden could not name the year his son died, nor could he name the year in which his time as Vice President ended.

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