Trump Urged to ‘Hammer’ 2 Dems In Senate Races

( – Conservative lawmakers are urging Republican presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump to increase his efforts to unseat the incumbent Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown who face reelection in November.

When Trump met with Congressional Republicans recently, Senator Lindsey Graham motivated him to “hammer” Tester and Brown, which could help the GOP win the Senate majority.

While speaking to the media, Graham also said that Trump’s success would empower everyone in the Republican party, and his growing popularity in important states that could decide the Senate balance this year shows that he can play a crucial role in tilting the chamber in favor of the GOP.

Tester and Brown belong to Montana and Ohio, respectively, and both of these states are considered safe Republicans, which gives the GOP hope to win the Senate this election cycle.

Despite the rising enthusiasm among Republicans to defeat the two Democrats, this does not seem an easy task due to the electoral history of both senators, who have managed to win their respective races in GOP strongholds, and their strong campaign finances.

Both the Democratic incumbents have tried not to give harsh statements against Trump after his hush money trial verdict in order to lure Republican voters in their respective states despite the vocal attempts of other Democrats to politicize the jury decision.

Conservative Senator John Thune from South Dakota also stated that both lawmakers have become Trump “fans” for the sake of political purposes.

Meanwhile, Democrats believe that Trump is already too busy in his own endeavors to focus on Montana and Ohio Senate seats. They are also suggesting that Trump does not have an impressive record in Senate elections as the GOP lost the majority in 2020 and many of the MAGA candidates lost their races in the 2022 midterms.

Republicans are hoping to win at least one of these seats apart from their probable victory in West Virginia, where Gov. Jim Justice is seeking a Senate term.

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