Trump’s Potential Black VP Claps Back at Haters

( – Donald Trump’s potential running mate and a black lawmaker from Florida, Byron Donalds, lashed out at his critics who believe that he is being used by the former President who wants to make inroads among black voters using his name.

MSNBC journalist Joy Reid recently claimed that Trump is using Donalds as a “prop” and that he was also exploited when Republicans falsely promised to make him the House Speaker.

Responding to these remarks, Donalds suggested that Reid is envious of his success, adding that just because he has a different political inclination than other black individuals does not make him a pawn in anyone’s game.

Donalds also lauded Trump’s efforts to attract a diverse range of crowd at his Bronx rally. He claimed that New Yorkers from all backgrounds are attracted to the former President as their existing leadership has badly failed them.

The conservative lawmaker also expressed his optimism that the GOP would perform better in states that are not traditionally red in the 2024 elections.

Reid has a history of slamming black Republicans like Donalds and Senator Tim Scott.

Back in 2023, when the Republican Party nominated Donalds as speaker of the House, she called it a desperate attempt of the party to lure black voters.

The liberal anchor also criticized black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and called him “Uncle Clarence,” a visible reference to “Uncle Tom,” a term that is often used against black people who try to appease whites.

Similarly, in 2021, she claimed that Sen. Scott’s inclusion in the GOP press conference against the minimum wage was nothing more than a “patina of diversity.”

Reid’s racist comments came at a time when an unprecedented number of black voters are parting their ways with Democrats and planning to vote for Trump in the upcoming elections.

Latest polling data suggests that Trump is enjoying the support of almost 18% of black voters, which has also forced Biden to change his campaign strategy regarding this voter group.

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