Trump’s Traction with Voters of Color Worries Veteran Dems

( – Veteran New York Democrats are showing worrying signs about Trump’s rising support in the Empire State after the impressive political rally by the former president in the Bronx.

According to the President of Manhattan Borough, Mark Levine, an unprecedented number of New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds are having a positive opinion of Trump, which should worry all the Democratic stakeholders in the state.

New York is generally considered a safe Democratic state and last voted for a Republican presidential candidate back in 1984.

However, Republicans have made impressive inroads among its populace in the 2022 midterm elections when they flipped four traditionally blue Congressional districts.

Now, in the 2024 election cycle, Donald Trump is just trailing behind Biden by a 9% margin in a poll that has an error margin of 3.9%.

Levine also warned his party members to wake up immediately to avoid another embarrassing defeat like 2022.

The Trump campaign has repeatedly shown optimism about flipping the deep blue states like New York and Virginia, although most political observers believe that he would eventually fall short of winning these states despite showing impressive performance.

The former President also urged conservative New Yorkers to come out and vote for him in big numbers to deny any chance of election rigging to Democrats.

Trump won only 16% of votes in the Bronx in the 2020 presidential race, but his latest showdown in the borough indicates his growing popularity among voters of color, who were also seen attending his event.

Another New York Democrat, Rep. Ritchie Torres, also warned his party about a potential downfall in the state if they fail to deal with the prevailing problems.

Torres blamed rising inflation for Biden’s declining popularity in the state. However, he also suggested that no democracy should give someone like Donald Trump the chance to become president.

New York is becoming more relevant in the 2024 elections due to the state government’s ambitions of prosecuting Trump in the hush money trial.

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