US Navy Submarine and ‘Doomsday Plane’ Surface Near Norway

( – Just a couple of weeks after Russian efforts to send a nuclear-powered submarine to Cuba, the United States sent a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine into the Norwegian Sea, accompanied by other offensive equipment like a “doomsday plane,” in what is seen as a retaliatory move by the United States amid rising tensions in Ukraine.

Two naval aircraft and a guided-missile cruiser also accompanied the U.S. submarine. Although the U.S. military did not specify its intention, the move seems a retaliatory attempt by the US in the wake of the rising Russian influence in the region.

While the U.S. and Russia have avoided any direct confrontation since the start of the Russia-Ukraine, these attempts mark a rare instance where the two most powerful nuclear countries of the world are engaging in an open show of force.

When the U.S. allowed Ukraine to use its weapons against Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that Moscow would not hesitate to take the conflict to new heights. Cuba welcomed the Russian deployment on its shores and provided a 21-gun salute after the arrival of the submarine in Havana which is just 100 miles away from the American borders.

Nuclear expert Hans Kristensen stated that America had given a “blunt signal” to Russia by sending its submarine near its borders.

The American submarine, named the USS Tennessee, has the capability of carrying 20 nuclear missiles at a time. Meanwhile, the accompanying E-6B Mercury is used to communicate critical nuclear information to top US officials, including the president and the Defense Secretary.

Kristensen also claimed that the involvement of the E-6B Mercury indicates that the US has started a “forward operation” involving nuclear weapons against Russia.

Being part of the US nuclear triad, the locations of most of the equipment involved in the power show is kept hidden. However, they are frequently appearing publicly in the North Atlantic and its surrounding waters in recent times, which experts believe indicates the rising cooperation between the US and Norway.

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