Actress Criticized Over Israel-Hamas Quip on Podcast

( – Hollywood actress Julianna Margulies is in hot water after comments she made about antisemitism on a recent podcast appearance.

Margulies, who is known for roles on popular television shows such as “ER,” The Good Wife,” and “The Morning Show,” appeared on the podcast “The Back Room With Andy Ostroy” on November 20. On the podcast, Margulies and Ostroy, who are both Jewish, spoke about the rise in anti-Semitism since the Israel-Hamas war began in early October. Though Margulies said she is “not religious,” she said she does feel strongly connected to her Jewish heritage.

Ostroy and Margulies both expressed support for Israel and shared concerns about the increasing vitriol against Jews in the United States. Ostroy mentioned that people care more about “the wrong pronouns” being used for someone than they care about the rising wave of antisemitism. Margulies agreed and suggested that if the kind of people who are concerned about “gender identity” went to visit an Islamic country, they would be the “first people beheaded,” emphasizing that predominantly Muslim countries are not LGBT-friendly, while Jews “rally around everybody.” She suggested that the Ken Burns documentary, “The U.S. and the Holocaust,” should be “mandatory watching” for people, as Hitler used the Jim Crow south as inspiration.

Margulies also brought up that the Black community is not showing up to support Jews, even though Jews joined in on marches during the Civil Rights movement. She said that the lack of support from the Black community for the Jewish community was either based on ignorance or suggested that Black people have been “brainwashed to hate Jews.”

Many posts critical of Margulies were made on social media after her appearance, calling her “racist,” “condescending,” and “transphobic.” Margulies released an apology after the backlash, saying she was “horrified” that her comments offended people. She expressed that “any prejudice” is “abhorrent” to her, highlighting her previous work to fight against hatred, discrimination and anti-Semitism. She apologized for causing division in the communities she supports.

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