Alleged Terror Suspect Targeted Hospital with Massive Bomb

( – United Kingdom law enforcement has accused a suspected terrorist of attempting to blow up a hospital using a bomb that was twice the size of the device used in the 2013 Boston bombing, which killed three people and injured 280 others.

The 28-year-old suspect, Mohammad Farooq, allegedly carried a bomb outside his workplace at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

Farooq denied that he had any plans to attack the medical facility, but he also pleaded that he carried explosive material with intent.

During the interrogation, Farooq revealed that the bomb contained almost 7 kilograms of gunpowder and had the potential to demolish a room.

Before bringing the explosives to the hospital, Farooq told a patient about his plan, who advised him that the plot “was not worth it.” However, Farooq asked him to call the police and did not refrain from bringing the explosives. Farooq also claimed that his anger started to fade after he spoke with the patient and that he regretted not meeting him earlier.

According to Farooq, he was fed up with his toxic colleagues, who were promoting rumors about him for more than a year now. As he lost his patience, he only wanted to threaten his colleagues and did not want to “hurt” anybody, Farooq continued.

The terror suspect also noted that he wanted to instill fear in his colleagues, adding that he himself cares about the patients during his job and never wants more people to go to the hospitals.

The police also raided Farooq’s residence after his arrest and found multiple weapons in his possession, including knives and guns alongside ingredients to make explosive devices.

While Farooq declined to answer if he had any connections with a terrorist group, he asserted that he was “definitely” not a terrorist.

Prosecutors believe that Farooq failed to detonate the explosive device as “good fortune” intervened when he was unable to find a sufficiently crowded area to carry out his plan effectively.

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