Animal Attack Leaves Man Paralyzed

( – On Sept. 1, 59-year-old farm worker Randy Janquin was attacked by a bull. It’s mating season and Janquin knew to avoid the bull but was still unable to avoid the attack while putting some cows back into the field after milking.

Janquin suffered a broken neck and is paralyzed from the waist down. He was found in the field after an unknown length of time and transported to the hospital. The doctors were able to fuse the vertebrae in his neck, but his injuries will be permanent.

Bulls only account for 2% of all cows in the U.S but are responsible for the majority of cow-related injuries. If you must keep a bull on property, there are extensive safety measures that must be always taken. Bulls will attack humans without much warning and can be fatal to humans if interaction occurs. A human should never put their back towards a bull. During mating season is an especially volatile time for bulls and cows are prone to act uncharacteristically.

Randy Janquin was an experienced farm worker and in a split second his life was forever changed. The farm where the incident occurred has no other known animal attacks and this is noted to be the first time this bull has attempted to attack a human. While many animal advocates argue against artificial insemination, there are pros and cons to each method of breeding cattle. The con of natural breeding is that bulls are big dangerous animals that can harm humans and other animals.

The Connecticut dairy industry adds over a billion dollars to the state’s economy. There are 108 operating diary farms in Connecticut and as a close knit community they are saddened by this tragic accident. Many farmers are now re-evaluating if they want to keep a bull on the premises given the chance of injury.

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