Biden Admin Secretly Flew In More Than 320K Illegals

( – A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has revealed that President Joe Biden secretly flew 320,000 illegal immigrants into the country to obfuscate the number of migrants entering the country illegally. While this kind of news would have been unthinkable under any other president, it is almost entirely unsurprising under the Biden Administration, which has shown zero interest in protecting our country’s borders, and in fact, has actively undermined them.

According to the FOIA lawsuit, U.S. Customs and Border Protection allowed hundreds of flights carrying illegal immigrants into the country at 43 different airports, meaning the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were dispersed to dozens of American cities. A report from the Center for Immigration Studies stated that the Biden administration has thus far refused to disclose what airports the illegal immigrants were sent to, citing “operational vulnerabilities.” The government has claimed this program is a “family reunification program” but has refused to cite any evidence for that claim, but they have further claimed that the program is a “legal pathway” to citizenship.

The flights were organized via the Customs and Border Patrol app, known as CBP One, for migrants from a variety of countries, including Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and others. The illegal immigrants who were flown in are immediately able to obtain work authorization within the US. Mark Morgan, who was formerly the Head of Customs and Border Protection, called the program “unconscionable.”

Elon Musk, frequent Biden critic, posted on social media that this act was treason by the Biden administration, suggesting that the Biden administration is encouraging people to enter the country illegally to help add new voters to help boost Democrat chances of winning elections. He added that this is the reason why Democrats are so against Voter ID requirements. Musk also said that he believes this is a serious national security threat, potentially leading to something “far worse” than the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

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