Biden Caught Flubbing Details of a Childhood Tale

( – President Joe Biden once again completely changed the details of his childhood saga.

While speaking to college students in Wisconsin, Biden shared a seemingly inaccurate story, claiming that his school teacher was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

He stated that he started loving the Wisconsin-based NFL team in his childhood as his teacher, with the last name Riley, was drafted by the team. However, Biden continued, his teacher preferred priesthood, so he did not play for the team.

The president further stated that no other school supported the Green Bay Packers since there were many other impressive teams back at the time.

Whenever the Green Bay Packers won, the teacher used to give the class a whole period off, Biden added.

Back in 2011, Biden shared a different version of this story. He said that he loved the Green Bay Packers because of his school’s headmaster, Father Justin E. Diny, who gave students the last period off after every Packers win.

He also mentioned that he was forced to love the Packers as he thought that he would have gone to hell if he did not do it and that he still supported the team thinking that his headmaster would come out of the grave if he backs any other team.

While mixing up the names of the teachers who gave them time off is a minor detail that can be overlooked, the claim that the teacher was recruited by the team seems exaggerated.

As Biden’s comments made rounds on social media outlets, netizens started mocking him.

One person wrote that even the all-time Green Bay Packers draft list does not mention any player with the last name “Riley” or “Reilly.”

Another user mocked Biden by stating that perhaps the team’s records have been eaten by cannibals, pointing toward yet another gaffe of Biden in which he claimed that his uncle was eaten by cannibals during World War II, a claim that has been debunked by official records.

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