Biden Embellished Story of Uncle’s WW2 Death

( – President Joe Biden added fictional details to the story of his uncle’s death, claiming that “cannibals” ate him after he was shot down in Papua New Guinea in World War II.

He was referring to his uncle Ambrose J. Finnegan, who was a second Lieutenant in the Fifth Air Force during the war and died after his plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

The president made the sensational comments on April 17 while addressing steelworkers in Pennsylvania. He stated that the dead body of his uncle was not found since he was shot down at a place that was home to a lot of “cannibals.”

While historical records suggest that cannibalism did exist in Papua New Guinea, government records reveal that Biden’s uncle was never the victim of it.

Biden’s version of events contradicts the US military’s official records, according to which Finnegan’s plane lost both of its engines and crashed in the Pacific Ocean, which resulted in the death of three men on board, while one crew member was rescued by a nearby barge.

An aerial operation was conducted to find the crashed plane and the dead bodies with no success.

Papua New Guinea’s jungles became a significant war theater in World War II as many intense battles unfolded in the country to stop Japanese advancement to Australia. The United States collaborated with the Australian military to push back Japanese forces which captured parts of the island.

This is not the first time Biden has sparked controversy for making up a story related to his family members.

In 2022, Biden claimed that he gave the Purple Heart to his uncle, Frank Biden, at the request of his father, Joseph R. Biden. However, Biden’s father and uncle both died long before he became the Vice President of the United States in 2009.

Local political analysts believe that Biden’s comments came at a time when the United States and Papua New Guinea were strengthening their bilateral ties to combat rising Chinese influence in the region.

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