Biden Finally Agrees to Debate with Trump

( – President Joe Biden has finally agreed to debate former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential elections.

During his live interview with Howard Stern, Biden suggested that he cannot give exact time to debate the former president, but he is happy to do it.

Trump reacted to Biden’s comments in a Truth Social post. He was skeptical about Biden’s readiness for the debate, claiming that if the president is really serious about the debate, he is ready to do it at the time and place of his choice.

Trump has previously shown his willingness to debate with Biden as many times as possible before the 2024 elections. He even placed an empty lectern in his Wisconsin rally to taunt Biden for his unwillingness to debate him.

Biden and his campaign have repeatedly tried to avoid questions regarding the possibility of a debate.

Previously, Biden said that the possibility of any debate is largely dependent on Trump’s behavior. Biden’s campaign has also claimed that Trump badly needs attention and wants to get the limelight that comes with a presidential debate. In one instance, Biden said Trump has nothing else to do, which makes him desperate about the debates.

America’s top media outlets also wrote a public letter to both candidates and urged them to commit to debates before the elections.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has already announced the debate schedule for this election cycle, according to which three presidential and one vice presidential debate will be conducted between September 16 and October 9.

However, the Trump campaign wrote a letter to the CPD, asking them to plan more debates and move the timetable up so that Americans who have to vote early can get the viewpoints of both candidates before casting their ballots.

The CPD has often attracted criticism from Trump, who once complained about a “defective” microphone in the 2016 presidential debate and even accused the moderators of favoring his Democratic rivals.

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