Biden Official Targets Largest Christian College In US

( – Biden’s Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, has once again shown his willingness to shut down America’s largest Christian college, Grand Canyon University.

During a recent House Appropriations Committee hearing, Democratic Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro asked Cardona his policies to deal with the “predatory for-profit colleges” across the country. The Congresswoman told Cardona that these colleges are involved in a range of deceptive tactics that are intentionally designed to maximize profit for shareholders.

Responding to this question, Cardona criticized such schools and vowed to take decisive action against them.

Cardona claimed that such schools lure students into their trap by showing false advertisements, adding that his agency will direct more resources to crack down against such colleges.

The Secretary mentioned how his department fined the GCU $38 million for using flashy advertisements to attract students.

Last year, the GCU was ordered to pay $37.7 million in fines for allegedly lying to 7,500 students about the fees associated with its doctoral programs. According to the Education Department, more than 98% of the GCU students paid more fees than what was shown to them in advertisements. However, the GCU cried foul and refused to pay the fine.

After Cardona’s latest comments, the GCU has fired back. The school issued a statement and asked the Secretary to retract his comments, claiming that Cardona was not even aware of the actions of his own department.

GCU’s statement also mentioned that the college has already asked the Education Department to provide evidence of its claims, but the agency has failed to present anything.

The Christian school has already indicated to pursue all the legal battles against the government, even if it means to go to the Supreme Court.

The school also slammed the Secretary for the weaponization of the education department and for pursuing a pre-planned agenda of targeting religious colleges.

Almost 118,000 students are currently enrolled in the GCU in both physical and online classes.

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