Biden Predicted to Drop Reelection Bid By Dem Convention

( – Dick Morris, an advisor to former President Trump, theorizes that President Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee in 2024. According to a hypothesis formulated with his pollster friend, John McLaughlin, Morris claims that Biden will sail through the primaries by himself, and later secure the delegates at August’s Democratic National Convention, only to withdraw his candidacy a few days before the convention.

As President Biden fumbles through his first term, and many question his current ability to govern, it is only natural for conservatives to wonder if the left sees what they see too. Although just conjecture, the theory is now circling in GOP camps. At Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy demanded clarity from the Democratic party on the matter. Ramaswamy urged the DNC to “be honest about who you’re actually gonna put up” so voters may see a true debate between the Democratic and Republican nominees. Ramaswamy also claimed that Biden should abdicate his candidacy post haste.

Ramaswamy later speculated that Biden’s replacement for president may be former First Lady Michelle Obama or California governor Gavin Newsom, and he is not alone in that speculation, as many Democrats suspect the same.

Despite the fact that Newsom has emphatically denied that he intends to replace President Biden, Pennsylvania senator John Fetterman remarked that there were two Democrats running against Biden: Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota, who has announced his bid, and Newsom, who has not. Fetterman posits that this is because Newsom does not have the guts to announce his “shadow candidacy.”

Observers also note that Newsom is shaping a public position on foreign policy – complete with a visit to China this October – and will be debating Florida governor, Ron DeSantis on November 30th. Though Newsom has publicly endorsed Biden, he did not directly dismiss the notion of running for president when asked about the possibility in September. This has only fueled wider speculation that Newsom intends to run for the White House, but is being coy about owning up to it.

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