Biden’s Brother Qatari Business Dealing Exposed

( – As the November presidential election nears, more scrutiny is being placed on the candidates as well as their family and business ties. While there has been talk of the antics of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, less attention has been paid to his brother, Jim Biden. However, that is all set to change following an ongoing bankruptcy case in Kentucky.

One of Jim Biden’s former business partners, Michael Lewitt, testified that Jim Biden partnered with companies owned by government officials in Qatar. According to Lewitt, Jim Biden touted the fact that he was the brother of then-Vice President Joe Biden during a $30 million pitch in Qatar to help fund Americore, a rural hospital provider in the United States.

At the time of these business dealings, Qatar was struggling with a financial blockage from Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region and was looking for business deals to improve their image and relationship with Western nations. They also began giving lavish gifts, including investment funding, to Westerners they felt could enhance their ties to the United States and European nations.

Drafts of an official letter sent to the Qatar Investment Authority show that Jim Biden was willing to use his family’s name and connections to secure an investment from Qatari officials, suggesting his brother could “provide a wealth of introductions” as well as high-level opportunities for business deals. The letter also added that he welcomed the interest of Qatari officials on “behalf of the Biden family.”

Jim Biden travelled to Qatar in 2018 to discuss business dealings with officials. It is unknown if Jim Biden met with the nation’s finance minister, Ali Sharif Al Emadi, but Al Emadi was arrested in 2021 on corruption charges. Al Emadi was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison following a conviction of laundering more than $5 billion.

Lewitt is currently testifying in the case in Kentucky and will be interviewed by investigators with the House Impeachment inquiry, though no date for that interview has been announced yet.

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