Bill Clinton Linked To Epstein’s Island

( – Documents related to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein are set to be released at the beginning of 2024, thanks to a lawsuit by trafficking victim, Virginia Giuffre. Though more than 150 names are set to be revealed, many have highlighted the fact that former president Bill Clinton’s name will be on Epstein’s flight logs.

Though there have long been rumors about Clinton’s womanizing habits, even before his well-publicized affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the late 1990’s, Clinton has denied his connection to Epstein and denounced the convicted trafficker. In 2019, Clinton made a statement to Newsweek, saying that he was completely unaware of any of Epstein’s crimes. He added that he had not spoken to Epstein within the last ten years and had never made a trip to Little St. James, otherwise known as “Epstein Island” or “Pedophile Island.” However, Giuffre, who recently settled a lawsuit with Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom for $12 million, claims she met Clinton while on Little St. James.

ABC News has reported that while Clinton has been identified as “Doe 36” in the papers and is mentioned over 50 times, including as a passenger on Epstein’s private jet. However, it does not appear that the unsealed documents will reveal any illegal activities by the former president. Clinton has not responded to comment on the situation since 2019, it appears.

The unsealed documents will reveal more than 150 people as associates, victims, or investigators into Epstein. Some names, including those of underage victims who have not spoken about the case publicly, as well as one person who was wrongly identified as an associate of Epstein, will remain redacted by the court.

While Epstein was arrested in July 2019 and charged with trafficking underage girls, he was found dead in his cell about a month later under suspicious circumstances. While Epstein’s death was officially declared a suicide, people on all sides of the political spectrum are skeptical of the official narrative, with “Epstein didn’t kill himself” becoming a popular phrase or “meme” online.

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