Billionaire Mark Cuban Pledges Full Support for Biden

( – While many Americans, including Democrats, have expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s ability to govern for another four years given his advanced age and seemingly declining mental state, billionaire and entrepreneur Mark Cuban said he’d continue to support Biden even if Biden was “on his deathbed.”

Cuban, who is the minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, spoke to Bloomberg News to express his support for Biden and his refusal to support former President Trump. Cuban said his vote in the Texas Republican primary went to former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley as a “protest vote against Trump.” Cuban added that if the election ends up as Trump versus Biden, he would vote for Biden even if he was “being given last rights.”

However, in November 2020, when asked about Biden and Trump on the “Decoder” podcast, Cuban claimed neither of them were “the best and brightest” presidential candidates available, suggesting that their candidacies were the “downside of having a political duopoly.”

The billionaire went on to call Trump a “snake oil salesperson,” while describing Biden as a more “traditional politician.” Cuban further added that Trump voters are happy with Trump even if his “snake oil” doesn’t work.

Cuban, who co-founded a low-cost pharmacy in 2022 called the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co, was invited the White House recently for a roundtable discussion on drug prices. He encouraged Biden to stop working with pharmacy benefit managers, suggesting that would drive down the price of drugs “across the board” and that it would change the entire pharmaceutical industry instantly.

Despite the fact that the Dallas Mavericks are consistently ranked as one of the “whitest” teams in the NBA, Cuban recently expressed his support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies, going on a rant on social media about why people should support those policies. He argued against fellow billionaire Elon Musk, who described DEI policies as “the definition of racism.”

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