Black Voters Ditch Biden Over Israel Support

( – Four young Black voters have said they will not support President Biden in his re-election bid due to him backing Israel in the Gaza war.

Rene Marsh of CNN interviewed the four Georgia voters that said they will not vote for Biden or Trump in the 2024 presidential election. Three voters stated their support would go behind a third party candidate while the fourth voter intends to abstain from voting completely in November.

The voters would require Biden to call for a ceasefire in order to gain their support. The voters referred to the war in Gaza and said the President is encouraging genocide in Gaza, which is a dealbreaker. Marsh asked the voters if they are concerned their abstinence from voting or choosing a third party candidate will help Donald Trump win.

The voters agreed that their decisions may cause Biden to lose his re-election campaign. One said that the point is to send a message to the Democratic party and perhaps the President would change his stance on the Israel/Gaza war.

A Georgia presidential poll conducted in March shows Trump leading Biden in the state 51% to 48%. The data from the poll indicates that 7% of Biden voters in 2020 expect to vote for Trump in November, while only 3% of Trump voters in 2020 intend to vote for Biden in 2024. This polling data also indicates that 1% of each candidates voters from 2020 will abstain from voting in 2024 or choose a third-party candidate.

Joe Biden, in an interview, stated that the choices of Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu are a “mistake.” He further clarified that Gaza should have access to food and medicine for at least six to eight weeks. Biden said Israel should call for a ceasefire during this time and Hamas should agree to stop during this period. This would allow all necessary food and medicine to be provided to Gaza.

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