BLM Chicago Under Fire for Supporting Hamas

( – The lines have been drawn following the attack from Hamas on Israel, but surprisingly, there is support for Hamas and their actions. Democratic socialists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have publicly shown support for Palestine, Hamas, and its actions.

BLM Chicago has outright stated that they support the people of Palestine and were clearly supporting Palestine in the current situation of the Hamas-Israel war. They have since retracted their post and apologized for their lack of sensitivity to the situation; they did not refute their support for Palestine. The sneak attack began when paragliders breached the border and slaughtered hundreds of innocents at an Israeli music festival. BLM Chicago initially posted an image honoring those paragliders.

Back in 2020, following the death of George Floyd, BLM activists were sharing their voice with pro-Palestinian support. The relationship between the two movements is a complicated historical story, even documented by Malcolm X in the 1950s. The Black Panthers and Black Power activists showed support decisively in the Arab-Israeli war in the late 1960s.

Some BLM supporters are finding that perhaps they don’t always agree with the BLM movement now that it is more clearly shown that they support Palestine, even in the wake of death and destruction. The pro-Palestinian supporters equate the now-shown resistance to the insufferable pain of living with oppression, apartheid, and ongoing unimaginable violence. The parallels are there to be seen, as they have been for decades.

In the face of death and violence, BLM is being lambasted for “celebrating murder” when previously they were fighting for less violence and more understanding. The Black Lives Matter movement gained notoriety in the wake of what appeared at the surface to be a senseless death, and now they are celebrating it, according to former White House official Ari Fleischer. Jewish Americans previously supporting BLM have retracted support on many social media outlets.

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