Boebert Suggests Hollywood Elites Behind District Switch

( – GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert has switched Colorado congressional districts for her 2024 re-election bid, blaming the move on “Hollywood elites” like Ryan Reynolds and Barbra Streisand who are “trying to buy” her current seat.

Boebert, a fiery far-right lawmaker, claims the influx of celebrity donations to her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, forced her hand. “Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds throwing money at the Democrat candidate makes it clear – Hollywood is trying to buy its way into Congress,” she said on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.

Federal records show Reynolds donated $1,500 and Streisand $1,000 to Frisch, who narrowly lost to Boebert in 2022 by just 550 votes despite being outspent by over $2 million.

The new Colorado district’s 4th district leans heavily Republican, a strategic move to counter Frisch’s fundraising advantage. “I’m making this change to be the strongest voice for conservative principles,” Boebert said, vowing to “resist the influence of Hollywood elites trying to buy my seat.” Nearly $10 million has poured into the race, but “the Colorado 3rd District is not for sale,” she said.

Frisch, a former Aspen city councilman and businessman, has outraised Boebert with $7.8 million to her $2.2 million.

Boebert’s decision follows a challenging year marred by headlines about her vaping antics and alleged inappropriate behavior at a Denver theater performance. Sources say constituents and some supporters haven’t forgiven her, and her recent vote in favor of the NDAA further alienated loyalists. Additionally, her lukewarm support for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has raised eyebrows.

By shifting to the 4th District, Boebert sets her sights on the seat vacated by retiring Republican Ken Buck. However, her departure leaves GOP candidate Jeffrey Hurd facing a steep fundraising climb in a district that reliably backs Republicans, having voted for every GOP presidential candidate since 2000.

Hurd, an attorney, has raised over $400,000 but could face a late challenge from Stephen Varela, a decorated veteran and Colorado Board of Education member. Varela is expected to announce his candidacy soon, adding another layer of intrigue to the already complex race.

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