California Homeowner Opens Fire On Burglar

( – A Vallejo, Calif., homeowner shot and killed a man who, police say, was attempting to enter their home at around 9:45 in the morning. After being shot inside the northern California residence, the suspect would later succumb to his injuries, dying on scene.

In a brazen attempt to disrupt the peace in broad daylight, several elements of the alleged attempted burglary should be noted. The timing of the crime reflects a concerning narrative to the environment in Northern California.

The fact that an alleged burglar felt comfortable enough to break into a home just after a majority of the population has consumed their morning coffee speaks volumes about the cultural deterioration that has been embraced in blue states like California. If a suspect feels they are at so little risk for accountability that they will invade a residence at a time when they could easily be seen by neighbors, this indicates a breakdown of societal norms.

Fortunately for the homeowner, who used their second-amendment right and who prepared for this type of invasion, the break-in was misjudgment on the burglar’s part.

To claim that radical left-wing policies have crafted an atmosphere where criminals may thrive would understate the magnitude of California’s situation. In 2012, the three-strike law, which only permitted two prior violent offenses before a subject could be sentenced to 25 years or more for any third felony, was eliminated. As the threat of long sentences no longer loomed over the heads of criminals, violent crime rates steadily increased and criminals roamed free.

This Vallejo incident is not the only evidence of a failing social fabric in the most populous state. In 2022, 38 of the state’s 56 counties saw a rise in violent crime, with 13 of those counties seeing an increase of over 20%.

Where justice lacks, evil thrives, and California exhibits that, once again, that apathy has consequences.

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