Cheney Says Trump Would Remain In Power After Second Term

( – Liz Cheney, a former congresswoman and lifelong Republican, expressed concerns that if Donald Trump is re-elected for a second term, he may be unwilling to leave office. She asserted that re-electing the former president could have significant consequences for future elections.

Cheney, who left the party after leading the committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, shared the potential consequences of re-electing the former president for future elections in her new book. She emphasized that the general elections in 2024 would play a crucial role in determining the fate of American democracy.

According to Cheney, Trump has made it clear that he won’t necessarily follow court rulings and may appoint people to office without Senate confirmation.

The daughter of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney expressed concerns that if Trump secures reelection, he might attempt to exceed the two-term limit and become a permanent president. Cheney firmly believes in this possibility, stating, “Absolutely. He has done this before where he illegally tried to take power, but he was stopped by the full force of the law. But he promised to do it once more. He hasn’t shown any regret for his actions.”

Cheney discussed the potential impact of a Biden-Trump rematch, highlighting the importance of undecided voters in swing states.

Responding to concerns about voters thinking that supporting Trump won’t have long-lasting effects on democracy, Cheney said, “I think it’s a real problem. The challenge is ensuring people understand that supporting Trump is not okay. I hope there are choices that reflect our unique challenges and show leadership. But picking Donald Trump is not an option because voting for him might mean the last election you get to participate in. I say this seriously, and it’s sad we’re at this point, but it’s crucial for people to know that supporting Donald Trump is like voting against the Constitution.”

Despite Cheney’s lifelong dedication to Republican politics, she firmly stated, “I will never vote for Donald Trump.” She is committed to ensuring his defeat in 2024 and pledged to do whatever it takes.

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