College Junior Wins GOP Primary Over 10-Term Incumbent

( – A 21-year-old Wyatt Gable has defeated 10-term Republican incumbent George Cleveland in a primary election for a seat in the North Carolina House. While Gable’s mates were busy with spring break activities, he tirelessly campaigned, balancing his academic pursuits at East Carolina University with a passionate bid for political office.

Gable’s triumph, achieved through weeks of relentless phone banking and door-to-door canvassing, highlights a significant shift with the GOP. The young candidate, positioning himself as “the future of the Republican Party,” echoes the sentiments of a growing number of voters nationwide who express reservations about the advanced age of frontrunners within the party.

Reflecting on his victory, the business management major emphasized the need for fresh perspectives in a party often dominated by older people. His successful grassroots campaign signals constituents’ desire for change and a longing for youthful energy within the GOP.

As president of East Carolina University’s Turning Point USA chapter, Gable has been an active voice in conservative circles, advocating for causes aligned with the right-wing agenda. His political awakening stemmed from frustrations with COVID-19 policies in the education system, which he perceived as overly restrictive.

Motivated by a strong desire to effect change, Gable embarked on his political journey, feeling duty-bound to address issues affecting his community. His victory marks the beginning of what he hopes will be a transformative political career, with aspirations that extend to the governor’s seat.

While Gable’s opponent, George Cleveland, declined to comment, local party officials acknowledged the significance of Gable’s win. Christine Card, chair of the Onslow County GOP, praised Gable’s dedication and commitment to engaging voters, noting the enthusiasm with which he and his supporters campaigned.

Looking ahead to the general election in November, Gable will face Democrat Carmen Spicer. However, with a solid Republican base in Onslow County, Gable is poised to secure victory, building on the support garnered during his primary campaign.

Education reform tops Gable’s agenda as he prepares to assume office. He advocates for a curriculum that equips high school students with practical life skills, emphasizing the importance of vocational education and physical activity.

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