Comedian Proposes Billions to Ukraine Should’ve Been Black Reparations

( – Comedian Katt Williams is once again in the news for making controversial comments, this time in a comedy special that premiered on Saturday, May 4. In his new special “Woke Foke,” Williams stated that the US government should have used the $100 billion that was recently sent to Ukraine for their war against Russia as reparations for black people in America.

During his performance, Williams suggested that black Americans deserved reparations payments for everything they and their ancestors have experienced “in American history.” He spoke about how the government has given $100 billion to Ukraine but they are still getting “whooped” by Russia. He joked that if that amount of money had been given to black residents of Los Angeles, they would have gone over to Ukraine and beaten Russia in two weeks.

Williams touched on many topics during his stand-up set, including the bag of cocaine that was left in a White House bathroom last year, marriage, his thoughts on other celebrities (including former President Donald Trump), the Ozempic craze, and suggested that Americans have “lowered the bar” for President Joe Biden.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Williams also shared his thoughts on biological males who want to participate in women’s sports, suggesting that it’s something “weak men” do. The crowd seemed split between laughter and boos after that comment, leading Williams to joke that he would be “cancelled for speaking the truth.” He concluded the bit by saying you can’t make up stories that are crazier than what’s being reported in the news every day.

“Woke Foke” was streamed live on Netflix from the YouTube Theater which is located in Inglewood, California on Saturday evening as part of the “Netflix is a Joke” 2024 festival. Before Williams took the stage, several other comedians took the stage to perform a set, though their performances were not livestreamed.

Williams’s special “Woke Foke” is now available to be streamed on Netflix.

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