Conservative Federal Judges Won’t Hire Columbia Students

( – A group of 13 conservative justices announced that they will stop hiring graduates from Columbia University due to the political unrest that has marred the university in the aftermath of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In their letter to the president and the dean of the Columbia Law School, the right-leaning justices stated that they no longer trust the institution, so they would not hire its students as law clerks for the federal judiciary starting with the 2024 batch.

The judges slammed the Columbia administration for failing to maintain law and order on its campuses. They wrote that freedom of speech should not be confused with a free pass to promote violence and hatred, adding that good institutions know how to enforce their rules while still respecting freedom of speech.

According to the justices, Columbia University is showing hypocritical behavior as it would have already begun a decisive crackdown had pro-life protesters attempted to demonstrate against abortion, but they are not able to do anything against anti-Israel protests.

The ultimate goal to stop hiring Columbia graduates is to restore the dignity of this historic institution, the judges added.

Columbia University has seen a massive surge in anti-Israeli protests, with many protesters going violent and vandalizing campus property. This has led the administration to call the police, which has arrested hundreds of students from the campus.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Columbia Law School, Gillian Lester, shot back. She stated that the graduates of her campus are in high demand and are being hired by leading private and public organizations.

Columbia University is already contributing very little to the federal judiciary clerkship. As per the data of the American Bar Association, only 21 students or 5% of its total graduates joined these programs in 2023.

The college has already started suspending its troubling students over the protests, and those who are arrested are facing charges. Two Columbia professors are also under investigation for their anti-Israel remarks.

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